"You're Kind Of A Party Girl, And You're Kinda Rosy"

Alisa Valley
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I spend too much time on the internet.
i dont work nearly as much as i should.
i waste a lot of gas because i enjoy driving
i sing everyday, but not in front of people
i love Will Turner but since he's fictitious, i'll take Orlando Bloom.
Im practically attached to my iPod named Maxwell
i know that i own at least 230 movies
I know i've downloaded about 400+ songs from iTunes.
i collect dice, journals, and playing card.
i cannot go into Borders or Best Buy without buying something (i dont need).
i have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life
my bad habit is picking my lips
im a huge LOTR geek.
i have an autistic brother
i like jelly shoes
i simply find it impossible to pay my car insurance on time
i love oriental culture but i simply dont like their food. i've tried.
i e-stalk Jennifer Garner's baby, Violet
I'm exactly like my mother
i like the sound high heels make on linoleum or cement flooring
baby ducks are probably the cutest things on the planet
whales are my favorite animal
i have a weakness for Caramel Hershey Kisses, Peanut Butter M&Ms, and Orange TicTacs.
i try to be funny and i fail a lot.
i'm sure that i'll get thyroid cancer before i'm 30. it's gunning for me
i like the sound of two shotglasses clinking
i live with two dogs
Yoshi is probably the cutest/coolest video game creature ever
i love anything to do with water.
my room is a mess
i want a baby
i wish kittens would remain kittens for their whole lives. they just have to turn into evil cats.
i make my own earrings
im trying to drink more water
there is nothing like my mom's spaghetti or her oatmeal raisin cookies
I am not intrusive, i am merely curious, and need to know things i dont need to know about.
I believe my best physical feature is my hair
I love video games, but i only like silly RPG games.
The Little Women Soundtrack makes me bawl like a little baby.
I'm afraid of ladders, escalators, and treadmills, but i can go on all of them fine.
Im afraid to sing in public because i make up my own harmony to almost every song, so im pretty sure i dont know the melody to any song anymore.
Ben Barnes, the guy who plays Prince Caspian, makes my knees weak.
i hate bras. I hate hate hate hate bras.
i hate pantyhose more.
im afraid i'm that girl who is weird but doesnt realize she's weird, like Phoebe on Friends
I cried when Linkin Park sang 'The Little Things Give You Away' live. CRIED.
i MUST have the window seat on a plane.
The Office makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl
I'm obsessed with black and white damask designs.
i helped make Nebraska a 'Purple' state by voting for Obama.
i have a slight OCD problem when it comes to my pens and markers. they have to be arranged in the rainbow fashion: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black.
i'm a huge geek. i LOVE obscure references, and i always feel the need to quote something.

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